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Her legal defense was funded by feminism..

Feminism spent money spinning the local media to poison the jury pool.

Feminism approved of, sanctioned, and attempted to pardon this disgusting pedophile.

If you donate to feminist organizations, if you support feminism by claiming to be one or regurgitating their hate-fueled manifesto, then you supporting child rapists only getting 2 years in prison.

I fully realize some of you disgusting, child-rape apologist feminists are going to attempt to “justify” her raping a little boy for years and only getting two years in prison and it’s people like you who make me wish hypocrisy was lethal.

if you can get a boner, you adult. males should keep it in their pants. 

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    I’m a feminist and everything, but I don’t see how someone could use it to justify raping a child. That’s just...
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    I see you’ve written these things and you have tried to make a point but I don’t understand what you supported your...
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    Since when did ~~~feminism~~~ become some giant monolithic entity that is somehow ALIVE and MAKING DECISIONS? Lmao. And...
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    Wow, are you fucking serious? She fucking MOLESTED AND RAPED a young child. Children *CAN NOT FUCKING CONSENT FOR FUCK’S...
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